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FTL Freight Shipping Services

Freight transportation is a lifeline of our nation’s economy, and we are proud to support it by providing top notch full truckload (FTL) freight shipping. This is how we can help you grow your business. ‍


FTL shipping is simply transporting goods and materials that fill up a standard truck or a partial load that occupies an entire truck. Full truckload shippers are often chosen when the cargo would take up more than half a trailer in a truck, is time-sensitive, or must be specially handled.

The best truck for your FTL freight will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Cargo type
  • Size, weight, and shape of shipment
  • Shipment value
  • Whether special care is required for cargo
  • Cargo delivery date


There’re some of the vehicle we have at LAX Freight:

Flatbed Truck

This vehicle has a driver’s cab in the front and a rear cargo trailer bed. The truck has no roof or sides, so it is good for bulky and/or durable cargo — such as machinery, large wrapped products, or piping — that should be able to withstand the elements. Loading and unloading is easy because the trailer bed is level.

Dry Van

Also called a “boxed truck” or “dry van,” this vehicle does have walls and a roof — as well as a secure cargo door. If you don’t have a full truckload, your shipment will be transported via box truck. Box trucks are not ideal for oddly shaped or sized cargo, since you can only load and unload them from the rear.

Refrigerated Truck

This is an internal climate-controlled truck for perishable goods and/or cargo that needs to have a specific temperature maintained. Refrigerated trucks come in a number of sizes, but since they are used a lot by full truckload carriers, they will often be semi- or box trucks.



With FTL delivery services, you can plan your shipping more precisely because you won’t need to coordinate with others over shipping plans. The route will likely be more direct, with fewer complications. Full truckload shipping services are excellent when your cargo is perishable, precious, and/or requires minimal contact or handling. FTL carriers are often chosen for shipments because:

Less cargo handling at transit points since it is a point-to-point move
The shipment undergoes fewer transit delays and can fulfill a faster delivery schedule.
The cargo is better protected from possible damage.
Many carriers offer set rates based on your full truckload freight weight and transport locations.


In today’s marketplace, time is of the essence, and an FTL shipping company that’s just starting out may find it challenging to keep up with consumer demand. With the demand for goods — and, in turn, for a flatbed service or FTL freight arrangement — comes more of a demand for people to drive the trucks used in heavy haulers trucking and expedited transportation. Even though CDL drivers tend to be paid well, the profession may not appeal to the current younger demographic groups who may be looking for “cool” work — and not just profitable work. Local driving work may also be preferable for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time away from home. Of course, as people see the rising demand for full truckload shipping, there will be more competition.

So far, increasing and competitive rates, and better, more accessible training have motivated CDL drivers to stay with FTL. In the end, however, FTL remains the most cost-effective and efficient avenue to shipping freight — even compared to air freight — at this time.


In general, once the shipping distance is known/calculated, carriers take into account the size and weight and class (via NMFC codes) of the cargo. With FTL freight, rates are easier to figure out since an entire vehicle is dedicated to one client’s shipment. FTL can be charged as cost per mile or as a flat, single door-to-door rate (as well as fuel surcharges). With LTL shipping, rates may be discounted for clients who are willing to combine their smaller shipments with freight from another shipper. LTL rates are also affected by “accessorials,” or added services, terms, and conditions that may be needed at the final destination to make sure the shipment gets to the right hands in a timely manner.


LAX Freight strives for industry leadership and exceptional customer care. With numerous clients across all different industries, we have expertise in various types of load — specializing in hazmat, oversized, and heavy haul freight. We never “cancel” shipments as we are confident in the prices we offer and in our large partner-carriers approved network. We also offer 24/7 tracking, multiple delivery options, and quick quotes.
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