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Retail & Consumer Goods

LAX Freight is a 3PL company that offers retail logistics solutions to US-based manufacturers.

Our retail shipping solutions include (but are not limited by)
OTR FTL, ground expedited, open-platform and hazardous materials transportation.

We are here to clean up the consumer goods logistics industry and make the experience smooth and easy for all manufacturers.


Your supply chain is the heart and soul of your business. Unfortunately, global supply chain logistics are difficult to curate and control due to the economic turmoil we are now facing. This issue has made shipping costs skyrocket, forcing several retail supply chains to jeopardize customer satisfaction.

Shipping is costly, orders are backlogged, and businesses are losing manufacturing time as a result of global interruptions. Therefore, retail supply chain management has never been an area of more significant concern than it is now. To keep your business competitive, you need to employ the services of professional retail logistics strategy experts.

Over the years, we have grown our client base by offering above-average services and making it our mission to clear the bad reputation accorded to corrupt brokers and carriers. Manufacturers have suffered enough at the hands of corrupt retail freighters who misquote and overquote freights.

LAX Freight is a leader in retail logistics services. We will help you manage retail shipping services by drawing on our years of experience in inventory management and retail transportation to reduce freight delays. You do not have to worry about the current freight crises if you choose to work with specialists.


Getting partnered with LAX Freight will help you improve the efficiency of your retail freight supply chain through:

  • Increased supply chain monitoring
  • Coordinated freight transportation that avoids delays
  • Eliminating delays and a lack of transparency


At LAX Freight, we understand that every industry has unique transportation needs, especially those operating in retail and consumer goods. That’s why we offer a specific retail logistics strategy tailored to the needs of sub-niches within the industry, including:

E-commerce companies: For e-commerce companies, we offer expedited shipping options to ensure that products are delivered on time, every time. Our team works closely with our customers to provide a range of transportation options to meet their specific needs, whether they require LTL (Less Than Truckload) or FTL (Full Truckload) services.

Food and beverage companies: We specialize in the transportation of perishable goods, and our team has extensive experience handling and transporting food and beverage products. We offer specialized equipment and services to ensure that products are transported at the right temperature, and we have strict protocols in place to maintain the integrity and quality of the products we transport.

Fashion and apparel companies: We understand the importance of meeting tight deadlines and maintaining the quality of fashion and apparel products. Our expedited shipping options, coupled with our experienced team, ensure that products are delivered on time and in perfect condition.

High-tech and electronics companies: For companies dealing with fragile and expensive products, we offer specialized equipment and handling procedures to ensure the safe and secure transportation of their products. We have strict protocols in place to prevent damage and loss during transportation, and our team has the expertise to handle high-tech and electronics products with care.


Working with LAX freight will give your company an edge over other manufacturers because we value transparency, and we have years of experience that we put to good use. We strive to give manufacturers the best freight experience because we know many brokers have let you down. We understand the challenging economic times and are prepared to help your company stay above water by effectively managing your retail logistics operations down to the last detail.


LAX Freight has distinguished itself from competitors by assuring transparency, effective retail shipping solutions, and our unique ‘zero freight cancellation’ policy. We also have an extensive network of reliable carriers. We have no case studies that have exposed the corruption of retail freighters.

If you want a quality freight experience, contact LAX Freight for transparent retail shipping solutions, sophisticated logistics technology, and quality retail supply chain management.

Your supply chain is the heart of your business. Get the best retail logistics solutions available with us.


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