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time-critical service

Not enough time to deliver via regular TL/LTL? We're almost your “Back to the Future” 18 wheeler DeLorean! Deliver your loads from several hours to one day.
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Industry/ Tradeshow & events

A set of trade show transportation services designed to support excellence at your event.
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Your product is unique and requires unique solutions. From white-glove to projected final-mile deliveries, we tailor our services to meet your distinct needs, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination with speed and reliability.
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We can get you covered on anything from a regular oversized load to a heavy haul & superload using a network of vetted and trusted truck drivers.
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Empowering your logistics journey, our team of seasoned professionals brings over 50 years of collective industry expertise. With a specialized focus on your unique industry, our dedicated experts become your single point of contact, ensuring a tailored approach to meet your needs.

Enjoy unparalleled transparency as you extend control over logistics expenses, complemented by our around-the-clock support and real-time shipment tracking for a seamless and informed experience.


Operating as a true business partner LAX Freight functions as an extension of its' customers operations teams rather than just a service supplier. We are proud of prioritizing customers' needs over internal fleet management. Our commitment shines through transparency, ensuring you're informed every step of the journey.


Freight Brokerage | Lax Freight
July 17, 2024

What is a Freight Brokerage?

A freight brokerage is a vital service for the trucking sector. It provides efficiency and reliability in transportation activities. With that, companies can streamline their operations and obtain additional resources. Understanding a freight brokerage, its importance, and how to choose the best options for your business will support your logistics strategy, reduce costs, and ensure […]

Oversize Load Truck | Lax Freight
July 12, 2024

Wide Load vs. Oversize Load: Key Differences Explained

Transporting wide and oversize cargo requires compliance with the industry standards and regulations. It ensures safe and efficient shipping. Wide and oversize cargo terms can be interchangeable, while they refer to different transportation types. Knowing their differences and similarities is crucial for truckers and logistics companies to avoid fines and accidents. What Is A Wide […]

July 10, 2024

Greg Caulfield



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    Transportation and Logistics Company 

    There’s more to shipping than just loading up trucks, ships, and planes with packages. A well-coordinated supply chain relies heavily on the services of a transportation and logistics company to manage the flow of goods. We are a logistics company that plans, implements, and manages the movement and storage of various goods throughout a supply chain.

    Our Services

    We offer a wide range of logistics solutions across the United States for clients in different sectors. Our services include:


    Our Full Truckload (FTL) service lets customers hire an entire shipment whether the goods use the whole space of the carrier or not. Full truckload services are ideal for fast delivery since no quota is required for dispatch. This is suitable for expensive or fast-moving goods that require minimal handling.

    Heavy Haul

    Our experienced drivers move heavy cargo across the country to different clients. Heavy haul trucking involves the transportation of overweight loads such as industrial machinery.


    Our flatbed transportation services cater to customers who require dimensional flexibility. Flatbed transport is used for cargo that does not require an enclosure or materials that do not fit standard trailers’ dimensions.


    Air shipping is an integral part of a freight delivery company. This mode of transport may be better suited for certain types of cargo or factors, including time and cost.


    Different clients require hazmat materials for manufacturing and other uses. Our staff and drivers handle the shipment of dangerous goods by focusing on special transport and managing processes.


    Clients require expedited shipping from a cargo transportation company to fast-track the shipment process. Expedited trucks move from delivery to pick-up directly with no stops along the way.

    Industries We Work

    We offer freight logistics to several industries, including:

    • Manufacturing and distribution industries 
    • Retailers
    • Technology companies
    • Automotive industries 
    • Restaurants 
    • Transportation industries 
    • Pharmaceutical industries

    Chemicals & Plastics

    Our cargo transportation company transports small and large scale units of chemicals and plastics. Our streamlined process helps to manage shipping challenges and ensure timely delivery.

    Energy Solutions

    We are experts in energy logistics for energy companies, manufacturing industries, and suppliers. Our efficient delivery system helps to power critical areas of the economy.

    Food & Beverage

    As a transportation company, we handle food and beverage logistics. This enables the delivery of raw materials to manufacturers and finished goods to suppliers and customers.

    Retail & Consumer Goods

    We facilitate freight logistics in retail and consumer goods transportation. This includes the movement of goods from manufacturers to suppliers and retailers. We serve many retail outlets like convenience stores with logistics solutions for different B2B and B2C goods.


    Our cargo transportation company offers logistics solutions to industries in different stages of the production process. These include the movement of raw materials, chemicals, and energy.

    Paper & Packaging

    We offer transport of paper and packaging materials. Different industries require paper and packaging in the final phases of production and transportation.

    Customized Solutions We Can Offer 

    We offer the following custom solutions:

    • Order fulfillment
    • Special cargo handling
    • Expedited delivery
    • An in-house hybrid fleet and third-party broker system
    • Supply chain management

    Our Equipment 

    Our logistics equipment includes:

    • Material handling devices
    • Vanning and devanning equipment
    • Conveyors
    • Picking systems
    • Warehouse transport systems
    • Shelving and packing equipment

    Why Choose Us as a Transportation and Logistics Company?

    Changing customer preferences and the rise in global demand. We offer custom logistics solutions to clients in various sectors to respond to development in global logistics.

    • 24/7 cargo tracking
    • Multiple delivery options
    • On-time pick-up and delivery
    • Shipment guarantee by our own fleet
    • Large supported network of over 50,000 carriers 
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