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Time-Critical Solutions

The deadline is quickly closing in on you. Logistics seem complex, and there’s no room for error. What should you do? Trust LAX Freight to come to your rescue.

We have the best delivery coordinators in the delivery industry. They’re ready to spring into action and ensure smooth time-critical shipments from start to finish. Rest assured, we will smash freight shipping windows in as short as an hour.


LAX Freight employs both ground and air support to deliver time-critical freight. And our expedited deliveries are unmatched in the industry.

1. Cutting-Edge Technology

Our AI-powered systems compute the fastest route for your time-critical delivery in seconds. They use historical data we’ve collected for years to get smarter daily.

2. Real-Time Tracking

With 24/7 real-time tracking, we can reroute to avoid inevitable delays like adverse weather. Our team can also make protection arrangements for sensitive items and track motion, temperature, light exposure, and humidity.

3. Quick Support

No one wishes to encounter issues in time-sensitive logistics. But if they happen, LAX Freight customer service is just a call away and available 24/7.

4. On-Time Pickup and Delivery

LAX Freight uses proven mechanisms to provide quick quotes within the first hour of your request. In addition to our own trucks, we have brokered trucks to dispatch the cargo within the shortest timeframe possible.

5. Competitive and Transparent Prices

LAX Freight offers 100% transparency in final shipment prices. And our large network of over 50,000 carriers helps us provide competitive prices.


Our time-sensitive shipping can come to your rescue in many situations. It all boils down to how much of a factor time is. In most cases, it’s suitable if waiting would be more expensive than expedited shipping. Here are common scenarios that necessitate logistics’ time-sensitive solutions:

  • An emergency that needs supplies
  • Urgent need for restocking
  • Production stoppage due to a faulty component Highly perishable items


LAX Freight strives to boost customer satisfaction and keep production disruption at bay. We boast top-of- the-line options and services in the industry:

  • Get a quote with capacity within 30 minutes or less
  • Track your item in real-time and get notifications throughout its journey
  • Our numerous time-sensitive delivery options give you the fastest and best solution

We offer a tailored shipping that suits your time-sensitive requirements in a wide variety of industries:

Medical Supplies: Urgent shipments of medical supplies, including vaccines, medications, and medical equipment, that are needed to treat patients.

Aerospace Components: Deliveries of critical aerospace components that are needed to keep planes in the air and avoid costly delays.

Automotive Parts: Delivery of parts needed for assembly lines to keep up with production schedules.

Perishable Goods: Shipping of perishable items like fresh food, flowers, and other time-sensitive products that must be delivered quickly to maintain their freshness and quality.

Electronics: Urgent delivery of electronics components and products like smartphones, laptops, and other high-tech devices that are in high demand.

Event Logistics: Delivery of equipment and materials for concerts, sporting events, and other live events that require timely arrival to avoid cancellations or delays.

And many more.


When your company is down to the wire and demands time-critical logistics, LAX Freight will hold your hand every step of the way. Whether you want us to handle an emergency or daily time-sensitive trips, we have the capacity and management to make it happen, whether it is air shipping, specialized trucking services, or flatbed shipping services.

You can always trust our flexible experts, long- standing time-sensitive network, and customizable services. LAX Freight is prepared to speed up your supply chain at any time. Get in touch today.


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