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Energy solutions

LAX Freight is a significant player in third-party logistics, and we continuously synchronize energy supplies from various sources to where they are needed.

We specialize in energy transport solutions for the customers anywhere from oil & gas to renewable energy industries.


The energy industry is critical to meeting the growing global demand for clean and sustainable energy. However, shipping and logistics present several challenges that can impact the industry’s ability to deliver products and services efficiently. Here are major shipping and logistics challenges faced by the energy industry and how partnering with LAX Freight can help address them.

Navigating Regulatory Compliance

The Energy Solutions industry is subject to numerous regulatory requirements related to the transportation of goods, including hazardous materials and waste management. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in fines, legal penalties, and damage to the industry’s reputation. According to the US Department of Transportation, there were over 3,000 incidents involving hazardous materials transportation in the US in 2020. By partnering with LAX Freight, companies in the Energy Solutions industry can ensure that their products are transported in compliance with regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of fines and penalties.

Managing Complex Supply Chains

The Energy Solutions industry’s complex supply chain involves multiple suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors across different regions and countries. This complexity can make it difficult to manage inventory, ensure timely delivery of products and components, and maintain quality control. According to a report by Accenture, 81% of energy executives face challenges with supply chain complexity. By partnering with LAX Freight, companies in the Energy Solutions industry can benefit from our expertise in supply chain management, including inventory optimization, transportation management, and customized solutions.

Ensuring Product Integrity

The Energy Solutions industry’s products and components are often fragile and sensitive to environmental factors, including temperature, humidity, and vibration. Failure to maintain product integrity during transportation can result in damaged products, decreased performance, and lost revenue. According to a report by Inframation, over 60% of renewable energy projects have experienced delays due to supply chain issues. By using LAX Freight’s specialized transportation services, such as climate-controlled containers and air-ride suspension systems, companies in the Energy Solutions industry can ensure that their products are transported safely and securely.

Dealing with Supply Chain Disruptions

The Energy Solutions industry is vulnerable to supply chain disruptions, including natural disasters, geopolitical events, and pandemics. These disruptions can lead to delayed delivery of products and components, increased costs, and lost revenue. According to a report by PwC, 80% of energy executives reported experiencing supply chain disruptions in the past five years. By partnering with LAX Freight, companies in the Energy Solutions industry can benefit from our supply chain risk management solutions, including contingency planning, inventory optimization, and real-time monitoring.

Ensuring Cost-Effective Operations

Cost-effective operations are critical in the Energy Solutions industry, as companies must balance the need for efficient logistics with the need to control costs. According to a report by Deloitte, logistics accounts for 6-10% of the total cost of energy projects. By partnering with LAX Freight, companies in the Energy Solutions industry can benefit from our cost-effective shipping and logistics solutions, including customized transportation plans, optimized routing, and streamlined supply chain management. This can help companies reduce their logistics costs and improve their bottom line.


LAX Freight provides custom energy supply logistics emphasizing reliability, professionalism, and visibility. Different projects have varying energy needs, and we work to ensure continuity throughout the life of a project.

We understand the complex nature of project management and the need for efficient logistics to save costs and ensure smooth workflows.

Our team prioritizes rigorous planning and continued support to match the urgency of our clients in project development.


We have extensive experience shipping a wide range of materials and commodities in the energy solutions industry. Our team is committed to providing safe and efficient shipping solutions for our energy solutions industry customers. We offer a range of OTR transportation options, including dry vans, flatbeds, and lowboys, and we work closely with our customers to develop customized shipping plans that meet their specific needs.

Some of the materials and commodities we have experience shipping include:

  • Solar panels and components
  • Wind turbine components (e.g., blades, nacelles, towers)
  • Batteries and energy storage systems
  • Electrical and electronic components
  • Piping and tubing
  • Lubricants
  • Heavy machinery and equipment used in oil and gas exploration and production
  • Drilling rig components and equipment
  • Heavy-duty transformers and electrical equipment
  • Steel structures for energy infrastructure projects, including transmission towers and substations
  • Large-scale equipment and machinery used in energy production, such as turbines and generators
  • Logistics services for oil and gas industry equipment and machinery, including wellheads, compressors, and pumps.


Oil and Gas Logistics Services

Logistics in oil and gas industry operate through global supply chains, including transport, shipping, and inventory visibility. LAX Freight Services is an oil and gas logistics company that can assist you in ensuring safety and efficient logistics in oil and gas transport. By leveraging team collaboration and enhanced transparency, we can provide quality adherence at every stage of oil and gas transportation and logistics.

Renewable Energy

LAX Freight powers renewable energy supply logistics with the help of energy experts to support your energy needs during project development. We offer specialized equipment to enable tight shipment schedules and improve visibility from ordering to delivery. Our custom renewable energy logistics solutions are tailor- made to meet each client’s unique needs, including installers, developers, procurement, and construction companies.


LAX Freight services have been committed to being a world-class energy logistics company. Over the years, we have been constantly developing, supplemented by our long-term relationships with trucking companies, to haul and ship energy products to our customers.

LAX energy solutions are backed by the following:

  • Respond to increasing demand in energy supply chain logistics
  • Full compliance with industry quality standards, including QHSE, environmental impact awareness, and continuous employee training for competence and safety
  • Compliance with legal provisions governing the distribution of energy resources


We handle all cargo types regardless of size or scale. Our energy logistics solutions can be customized to fit every customer’s needs.

Multi-modal transport. Depending on the nature of the energy product or timelines in delivery, we can use various transportation modes for seamless delivery.

Expedited freight services. We offer direct shipment from pickup to delivery to fast-track the shipping process on request.

A wide network of oversized and heavy-haul careers. Our team of over 50,000 drivers lets us offer competitive prices and guarantees 24/7 shipment tracking.

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