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Air Freight

Reliable transportation systems are at the center of our lives — chief among them being air freight systems. Air transport services are among the most valuable when moving express shipments worldwide because of their speed, security, and reliability.

The word “freight” means the amount paid for the movement of goods. “Air freight,” therefore, is simply the charge paid for air transport.

Service Overview

LAX Freight is a 3PL (third-party logistics) company that meets its clients’ freight needs, primarily United States–based manufacturers. We manage a range of operations, from basic air freight shipment to logistically complex projects.

Our tried-and-true supply chain and in-depth knowledge of international and domestic shipping laws guarantee our clients a relaxed and highly efficient air freight service experience.

Our Differences and Benefits

Air freight service providers vary, and LAX Freight is built differently. We recognize that clients may have concerns about air freight services, and our customer service system is designed to allay such apprehensions.
So what distinguishes us from the average air freight shipping company?
  • Our “no giveback” freight policy. Once we accept cargo and all the terms are agreed, we deliver it. Our specialized departments skillfully and quickly handle any issue that arises to make sure your cargo is delivered.
  • Specialized charter options and expedited freight shipping services that give precise transport times for high-priority, urgent cargo
  • Our extensive experience and deep connections make us a trusted transportation provider.

The high-quality resources at our team’s disposal put us in a position to provide comprehensive and excellent logistics technology.


Benefits of Air Freight Services

Air freight services are almost always the preferred mode of transporting high-value and priority goods — and this is for a good reason.

The need for speed

Air freight transportation is the quickest way to move cargo, especially over long distances. Compared to other freight services, such as truckload services, airfreight transportation is relatively stable, with some clients receiving their deliveries on the same day.


The airport security that is the bane of frequent flyers is also behind the trusted security of air freight cargo. Airports are among the most tightly regulated areas globally, and air freight services benefit from this. The risk of theft and damage is almost negligible from the second your cargo enters the facility, through the flight, till touchdown in the destination airport.


Flights usually offer some of the most reliable departure and arrival times. Shipping and air freight servicescan help you stay on schedule even if you regularly move a high volume of cargo.

The network

Air freight logistics do not rely on road networks or coastlines, as with sea freights, so most airlines can reach almost any destination worldwide. The bidirectional links provided by air cargo consolidators also help the cargo move frequently and quickly for express shipping.


The ability to monitor the status of your freight shipments, from departure to arrival, is arguably one of the most important benefits of air freight transportation. Most air freight providers have web-based tracking that keeps you abreast of the real-time status of your cargo.

Less packaging

Shipping by air is an exceedingly safe method for transporting even fragile and dangerous cargo. The significantly less packaging requires less time and money.

More About Air Freight Solution We Provide

Our service range is designed to ensure a seamless process from when they first release the cargo into our care to when it arrives at its destination. Below is an in-depth look at our operations and the services we offer our clients:

  • 24/7 real-time cargo tracking from departure to arrival
  • Timely pickup and delivery of shipments
  • Specialized transportation solutions for unusual and dangerous goods, such as hazmat and heavy-haul freight
  • Several delivery options
  • A broad partner network that allows us to deliver the shipment anywhere at competitive rates

Value-Added Services & Solutions

Our air freight services go beyond cookie-cutter packages for our clients. Our company is built off the principle of constant innovation and value addition at every level for the smoothest experience possible.
Working in tandem with our clients to meet their exact needs is central to what we do, from simple to complex logistic challenges. We offer custom-tailored implementation plans, debugging of potential problem areas, and timely delivery to clients with specific needs.
Reach out to LAX Freight today to learn more about our air freight services.

Air freight


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