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Oversize Load Truck | Lax Freight
July 12, 2024

Wide Load vs. Oversize Load: Key Differences Explained

Transporting wide and oversize cargo requires compliance with the industry standards and regulations. It ensures safe and efficient shipping. Wide and oversize cargo terms can be interchangeable, while they refer to different transportation types. Knowing their differences and similarities is crucial for truckers and logistics companies to avoid fines and accidents. What Is A Wide […]

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What Does “In Transit” Mean - Lax Freight
July 9, 2024

What Does “In Transit” Mean and What to Expect

Understanding shipping terminology is essential for businesses and individuals who operate in the logistics sector. One of the most frequently used terms is in transit or en route. It indicates the progress of the delivery process. Still, there may be misconceptions or confusion. Delays, tracking updates, and different shipping methods impact the process and delivery […]

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Heavy Haul Trailer | Lax Freight
July 5, 2024

Heavy Haul Trailer Types: Features and Applications

Heavy haul trailers are essential part of the logistics sector. They include various configurations for the different requirements and cargo types. Each option provides unique specifics of usage and advantages, knowing which will help you select the right option for the cargo. The article reviews common types of trailers for hauling oversize loads. What is […]

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FTL vs. LTL Shipping | Lax Freight
July 2, 2024

FTL vs. LTL Shipping: Key Differences, Benefits, and Best Uses

The efficient and timely delivery requires a careful choice of the suitable shipping method. Two most common types are full truckload (FTL) and less-than-truckload (LTL). They are used for different logistics requirements and cargo volumes and types. In the article we explore the main aspects of these methods, their differences, and an analysis to make […]

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AWB Guide
June 28, 2024

The Ultimate Air Waybill (AWB) Guide

The Air Waybill is a main document of the air shipping that ensures the efficient and timely delivery. It serves as a contract of carriage and receipt of goods, providing cargo tracking, customs clearance, and legal compliance. The article includes the review of the document’s critical aspects, its functions and requirements, and an airway bill […]

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Intermodal Transportation
June 25, 2024

What Is Intermodal Transportation?

Intermodal transportation became a revolutionary decision for logistics. Integrating various modes of transport, such as trucks, trains, ships, and plains, may optimize the smooth and efficient movement of goods. The main benefit of this method is the combination of advantages of several transports. Expansion of global trade and complexion of supply chains make intermodal shipping […]

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