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October 31, 2023
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The transportation industry plays a more limited role within the broader logistics sector. Transportation primarily concerns the physical movement of goods from one location to another, whereas logistics, including the management of transport operations, encompasses a wide array of functions, including freight management. Logistics is responsible for the seamless integration of storage, handling, sorting, packaging, and transportation of goods, demonstrating what is logistics and transport and the difference between logistics and transport.


As mentioned earlier, transportation is a key component of the logistics industry, concentrating on the actual movement of goods via road, sea, and air routes, thereby addressing the question of what is logistics in transport. In Chennai, logistics companies collaborate with these transportation entities for the effective delivery of goods. A transportation company alone cannot complete the delivery to end customers; it relies on a communication channel that facilitates trade between suppliers and customers. When a customer needs to transport a shipment, it’s typically best to engage the services of a freight forwarder, who oversees the entire process from dispatch to final delivery at the customer’s location, illustrating the role of logistic and transport management.


Logistics management encompasses the acquisition, sourcing, production, and delivery of materials and products to customers at the right time and place, which is a central aspect of the logistics of transport. Logistics involves the planning, execution, and strategic management of transportation operations, further emphasizing the role of logistics and transport management. Additionally, logistics includes the critical functions of tracking and tracing shipments from their origin to their final destination, elucidating the modes of transport in logistics.

What Sets Them Apart?

In essence, logistics is about the planning and execution of strategies, while transportation is the practical implementation of these strategies to distribute shipments. Both logistics and transportation must collaborate closely for a successful operation, highlighting the difference between logistics and transport. Transportation forms a part of the broader array of freight services, which itself is a component of logistics, illustrating the interplay between logistics and transport. Logistics also encompasses:

Sorting and warehousing Order picking and packaging Containerization Documentation Insurance Handling of freight claims Customs procedures Vendor and customer communication and management Risk mitigation

The Role of Technology

Advancements in technology have significantly impacted both the logistics and transportation industries. Once a shipment is dispatched, tracking systems come into play, enhancing transparency throughout the transaction and among various stakeholders. This technology provides in-depth information, facilitating faster, smoother decision-making processes and further highlighting the influence of technology on logistical transport.”

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