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Essential Tips for Trade Show Exhibitors

May 17, 2024

Attending a trade fair involves dealing with one of the most important and difficult features — logistics. This issue is especially acute for young firms participating in their initial trade show or industry event. Logistics for these events require a variety of operations ranging from comparing delivery prices to precisely following event regulations.

Missing a step, committing a minor error, or overlooking a seemingly insignificant detail can swiftly escalate into a stressful predicament. Fortunately, with a strategic approach, navigating trade show logistics, exhibition shipping, and trade show freight shipping doesn’t have to be as daunting as it seems. Below, we offer several useful trade show shipping tips to streamline the logistics process, alleviate stress, and enhance your presence at any trade show.

Label your Freight

Before an event, your exhibit and equipment are often kept in a warehouse along with other shipped and labeled exhibits from many companies and organizations. Thoroughly label your equipment to minimize the risk of mix-ups or loss.

Read the Exhibitor Manual

When registering for an event, it is important to quickly contact the planners for logistics details. They will typically send you guidelines on where they want your booth shipped and what you should do with it before the show.

Compare shipping options

Budget adherence is important in keeping your costs low; hence, you need to compare shipping costs from different shippers if you want to minimize them. In fact, comparatively, third-party logistics companies and shipping companies offer rates that vary greatly, making it possible for one to realize huge savings by selecting an affordable option among them. Moreover, it takes little time for you to compare quotes, which is a process that is usually easy and simple, thereby incurring no extra charges for your business.

Lower Shipping Costs

A large number of trade shows offer all-encompassing services, including courier service providers, to exhibitors who come from neighboring countries or provinces. Although this appears to be handy, it usually involves additional fees payable due to either unionized freight rates or sponsorship arrangements.

Track Your Shipment

Before sending off your booth and other materials, it’s wise to cross-check every pertinent fact with the person hosting the event. This guarantees that when you release your display along with the necessary gear, you will be secure that it will not be late as well as it will be taken to the right place.

Carrier Qualification

Dealing with trade show logistics in your city is difficult, but it can usually be managed through experience. However, it becomes more complex when expanding to another state or country.

Plan Trade Show Logistics in Advance

When planning a show that involves moving across borders, preparations become remarkably more complex, covering matters such as insurance, essential documentation, and accessory fees. Therefore, I recommend using a proficient shipping agent to organize events conducted in other cities or countries.

Weight and Measure

If you are a new trade show organizer, comparing quotations will help you understand the event’s logistical spending. You may find better deals for previously returned exhibitors than those offered by their present shipping companies.


These are 8 useful trade show logistics tips for you to make your shipping smooth. Preparing for your first trade show can pose significant challenges, especially for startups or small businesses. Therefore, it’s advisable to delegate the logistical aspects of exhibiting to professionals. We provide a comprehensive service covering shipping, installation, and dismantling, tailored to ensure your trade show booth reaches the venue seamlessly, offering you a stress-free event experience.

Instead of grappling with logistical details, you can channel all your efforts into event preparation, whether it’s scouting the finest post-show gatherings and networking events or perfecting your product demo and presentation.

Partnering with a reputable logistics partner like LAX Freight ensures that your trade show logistics are handled fast, safe, and smooth, allowing you to focus on maximizing your presence and opportunities at the event. Contact us to get a quote today!


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