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February 9, 2024
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Modernity requires manufacturers to deliver fast, within a few days and sometimes even several hours. The buyer doesn’t want to wait any longer. And this, accordingly, has increased the number of companies that resort to air freight. Also, customers are not ready to accept the risk of damage to goods now. Namely, air delivery is one of the safest ways in this regard, which looks very attractive for manufacturers of fragile goods. Already 2-3% of goods are delivered by air regularly, which tells us that this is a promising direction.

Fast and expensive – that’s what most customers think when we offer them air cargo transportation. However, many still have a prejudice that air transportation is applicable only for emergency goods like medicines. However, the list of goods is much more comprehensive; it all depends on your needs and how much cargo is transported. Lax Freight has highlighted the most essential advantages of air transportation that will make you think. Or maybe really use this service?

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What is air transportation?

In simple words, this is air delivery. And if we expand the concept to professional, then commercial or passenger aviation is used for this, which with the help of airplanes or helicopters, delivers goods over long distances in the shortest possible time. There is nothing faster than the delivery of goods via aviation.

However, this method has several strict rules due to the peculiarities of transport and its physics. The deliverers have stringent rules about the size of the goods, so the forwarder must make sure that the dimensions of the cargo in the documents correspond to reality.

Advantages of air cargo transportation

We decided to tell you about the air freight advantages so that you can think about what will be more efficient and faster for you next time.

Delivery speed

This is the most prominent and understandable point but the most important. After all, what could be more critical in delivery than speed? We all want to have the cargo in the designated place as soon as possible. There may be a problem with the truck, and the delivery will be delayed for a day or even longer. The ship with your cargo may be delayed at the port due to problems with documentation, and no one can tell when the goods will arrive at the right place. Well, with such competitors, air freight really becomes the most competitive. It is also a very convenient option if you need air-ocean delivery.

Cargo safety 

The cargo is carefully checked and controlled, which is very important and useful for cargo carriers. During the ship by air freight, you can be 100% sure that everything is in order with the cargo. Also, there is a severe border guard at these warehouses near the airports, so the risk of theft or hacking is minimal. And it’s always nice to have.

Greater worldwide delivery availability

Where even a passenger car will not pass, an airplane will fly by. Even on Everest, there are notable runways and landing places for air transport. Therefore, if you need to send something there, there are no problems. That’s a benefit of air cargo. But jokes aside. Air transportation can actually deliver your goods anywhere in the world in the shortest possible time.

Cargo tracking

Few people know about this, but one of the advantages of air freight is tracking the movement of goods 24/7 in real-time.

Low cost of packaging

In airplanes, there is no need for a large, heavy package that will protect the cargo in the truck. The air conditions are not so harsh, and the risk of accidents there is minimal. Therefore, you will save a lot on cargo packaging while shipping cargo by air.

The exact time of arrival and departure

The airline schedule is observed very clearly, so you can rely on the estimated time of delivery of the cargo.

Low insurance premium 

Since the delivery time of the cargo is minimal, it means that the insurance coverage is less. This means that you need to pay less for insurance. Also, a great way to save money for companies. That’s an important benefit of shipping cargo by air.

Warehousing becomes cheaper

If your goods are quickly sent on the road and quickly delivered to the place, then the storage capacity can be optimized and reduced. And this, in turn, brings a reduction in costs.

But are there any disadvantages of air transportation? Yes, nothing is perfect. Among the disadvantages, you can safely name the cost. But this is a controversial issue. After all, some goods cannot be delivered in another way. There are other advantages: saving on other expensive things (insurance, packaging), and fast delivery (which can only pay off due to its speed). Calculate the profitability of this delivery. If your cargo is perishable and requires urgency, then air delivery may be helpful.

If you are interested in our services, you can contact LAX Freight consultants. We will tell you about working with us and offer favorable conditions.


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