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February 6, 2024
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The sphere of goods delivery is very complex and has a lot of myths around it. But thanks to combining logistic distribution and logistics supply chain, our company, which is successful in the market, knows this topic better than anyone else. In this article, Lax Freight will tell you more about logistics and the supply chain so that you understand how we improve our customers’ experience, customize operational activities, and much more. 

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What is supply chain management (SCM)?

Many people need clarification on the logistics and supply chain definitions, which causes problems in understanding the scope and features of work. Therefore, we decided once and for all to determine the meanings of these concepts before discussing further connections. 

What is the SCM? So, the supply chain deals with producing and delivering goods/services. This is an extensive area where specialists coordinate the work of many people. Tracking the supply chain allows us to control the delivery, follow the goods at each delivery stage, and quickly respond to delays and other problems. It is SCM that determines the delivery strategy and manages logistics.

At the same time, logistics focuses on moving and storing goods in the supply chain. Logistics focuses more on the product within the supply chain. Logistics as a field is engaged in demand planning, transportation, unloading and loading cargo, and execution of orders. Some individual specialists and companies specialize in logistics services. This allows SCM specialists to focus on other issues. While logisticians ensure timely delivery and storage of cargo.  Some logistics companies own both planes and freight trains. But companies often specialize in only one type of delivery, for example, by trucks.

As it is clear from the definitions, logistics, and supply chains complement each other perfectly. Combining them gives companies a competitive advantage and customer loyalty. After all, from the very beginning of the product’s journey to the final destination, it is in safe hands and under constant control. By combining the efforts of logistics and sustainability in the supply chain, the possibility of error is minimized.

The connection between logistics and supply chain management 

Of course, the connection is immediately visible. These two areas deliver timely cargo from point A to point B. And, of course, this requires logistics and supply chain management to work well together, establish relationships with contractors, risk minimization, high-quality equipment, and communication with customers. 

So, we keep it in mind that logistics materials and supply chain management are connected.

Logistics within SCM

  • Timely information allows you to monitor the location of the goods at any stage of delivery or storage. 
  • The work of logisticians ensures the storage of goods in the correct quantity and in the right place. They are the ones who make sure that there are not too few and not too many goods in the warehouse. 
  • Acceptance, packaging, packaging, packaging, shipment, and acceptance of goods are all tasks from the field of logistics.
  • While supply chain management is engaged in big strategies, logistics is involved in loading and unloading operations, which are no less important. 
  • Proper packaging, which logisticians will check, guarantees the safety of products. 
  • Also, logistics constantly monitors the efficiency of work and delivery, so it organizes the unification of different goods. 
  • And the most essential thing in our topic is the delivery of goods with the help of trucks, trains, planes or ships.


In a world that is used to fast delivery, there is no room for error. Therefore, all specialists should give their best, and combine different methods of work and different areas so that the whole chain works smoothly. 

Logistic distribution and supply chain are the most critical components of satisfying customers and end consumers. The well-coordinated work of these systems allows you to establish feedback, speed, quality of delivery, communication with contractors, and storage of goods per the rules. 

This work is inconspicuous but extremely important because supply chain management sustainability allows you to effectively and efficiently provide services and make a profit for clients. Combining logistics and supply chain management is a profitable practice that as many companies as possible should pay attention to.

We share our knowledge but also provide high-quality forwarding services for companies. If you are interested in our services, you can contact our consultants. They will tell you about working with us and offer favorable conditions. Contact us now!


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