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February 9, 2024
5 mins read

A common problem is the profitable and fast small business shipping of their products to customers. It should be understood that we live in a time when Amazon and FedEx accustomed consumers to delivery in one day or even in a few hours. A small business can lose customers just because it offers standard delivery, which takes several days. And we are not yet considering the many other problems faced by entrepreneurs. 

But in this article, Lax Freight will focus on delivery. More precisely, on best shipping for small businesses, which will help save money and satisfy users. If you want more information about our services or find more interesting articles, read our blog.

Best shipping carrier for small businesses

It is important to remember that the choice should be based not only on benefit or convenience but on various factors. For example, what kind of product you have, what sizes it has, what your customers are waiting for, what strategy your business has, and what companies and delivery methods exist in your region. 

We remind you that our company provides services for expedited shipping!

  • If you really have a small business or you are just starting an activity, then orders are probably very little. 

In this case, one of the best shipping solutions for your small business for you is to do everything yourself. No, we do not mean hand-delivered goods to the customer. Here we are talking about buying packages yourself, making labels, and sending goods by mail. Yes, it takes time and effort, but it is the most profitable and best option at the first stage. Why would you overpay for something you can still do yourself? But with the increasing number of customers, you will need to consider other options.

  • If you have a perishable product or your target audience needs the product here and now, then you require expedited delivery.

It is worth noting that fast delivery is not always needed and this is not the main factor for which people order the product. For example, most buyers understand that orders from small businesses go to them for several days. But there is also some part of exclusivity in this. Also, if you offer a discount for delivery or make it for free (within a week), consumers will willingly choose your product. But as we wrote above, if you have a product with which it is impossible to wait, then one of the best shipping options for small businesses will be expedited delivery.

  • Delivery at a fixed rate through logistics companies

UPS and FedEx can be singled out among some of the best shipping companies for small businesses. They offer packaging in standard packaging and a fixed price on them. A great option if your product fits the size and is not fragile.  It is also worth considering that many small business owners want their packaging to preserve the company’s vibe. Then this option will not work. But it is also worth thinking about.

  • Insurance of your parcel

This is a very wise step that protects your business from the impact of third parties on the product. A third-party insurance company can offer you rates much cheaper than regular mail. Therefore, we advise you to consider this option. However, it is worth understanding that insurance is good, but is it necessary if you have an inexpensive product? Wouldn’t that be a waste of money? Each small business owner decides this for himself.

  • Dimensions of your product and its packaging 

If your product is massive, then add to the shipping cost the cost of packing this cargo. In this case, there are no special tips because a large amount of lame companies with the best shipping rates for small businesses will not be able to please you.

  • Focusing on customer wishes

By studying the behavior and preferences of your customers, you should pay attention to the preferred type of delivery for them. Because sometimes customers prefer one carrier to another. And they can simply refuse your product because you don’t deliver, for example, via FedEx. If these are isolated cases, there is nothing to worry about. But if it’s really important, then it’s worth thinking about.

  • The possibility of a refund 

Did you know that 30% of online goods are returned to the seller? And this means that you will have to get acquainted with reverse logistics. If a refund is a common practice in your business, you should choose a shipping service for small businesses that allows fast reverse logistics. Most likely, its services will be more expensive than those of other companies, but you will speed up the exchange and refund.

  • Understand that not all carriers are the same in all areas

One company can provide the best shipping solutions for small businesses for fast delivery, but at the same time there is no tracking of the parcel or they are negligent about the packaging. Or you have found a company with the best return shipping, but it has an expensive cost. We recommend using different companies for different needs, which are suitable for you in different situations.

How to determine which company has the best shipping services for small businesses? Of course, try their services several times. This should be done at the beginning of your activity. So you will choose a carrier not based on rumors or marketing promises, but on your real experience, the services that will be provided to you, and the price that you will pay. 

There are a lot of shipping products for small businesses that can be suitable for you. You just need to find the one that will satisfy you and your customers. 

We share our knowledge but also provide high-quality forwarding services for companies. If you are interested in our services, you can contact our consultants. They will tell you about working with us and offer favorable conditions. Contact us now!


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