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August 15, 2023
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There is still an opinion that the services of a freight forwarder are optional. But this is a myth. These specialists greatly simplify the work and provision of services for customers. In the modern world, where logistics plays a dominant role in the economy, the forwarder becomes an integral part of it. Therefore, Lax Freight has prepared a list of advantages of freight forwarders that will convince you these specialists are needed.

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Freight Forwarders Guide: why do you need them?

What are the benefits of a good freight forwarder that can be expected in our company? Believe us; we have something to surprise you and help you with.

  • Specialist’s experience

Logistics is a complex field in which much depends on each individual. Where one makes a mistake, everything will go wrong. And these are losses and reputational losses for both transport companies and customers. Therefore, the forwarder’s experience in this niche significantly reduces the risk of error and increases the guarantee that everything will go according to plan. And if something goes wrong, he will quickly solve the problem thanks to his professional skills and experience.

  • Profitable cooperation with international partners

Our freight forwarders have access to a vast network of partners to provide quality services to as many customers as possible. Global networks of business relationships allow you to solve any problems and meet the highest expectations. These contacts include other freight forwarders, carriers, transport companies, dispatchers, customs and financial brokers, logistics services, lawyers, international transportation specialists, etc. With such support, you can ensure the work will be done at the highest level. And there are the benefits of using a freight forwarder.

  • Preparation and verification 

Documents play an essential role in international transportation. In general, such kind of delivery is a complex process in which it is crucial to follow the legal documentation to avoid fines or detention of goods at the border. After all, the slightest mistake or a forgotten document can lead to multimillion-dollar losses. Therefore, the advantage of freight forwarders is that we comply with all standards and compile a complete list of documents that can be consumed during goods transportation. We also keep our finger on the pulse – namely, we monitor innovations in rules and laws that affect transportation. Thus, you can not worry that something will go wrong or slip out of attention.

  • Cargo tracking with the best freight forwarding

This technology qualitatively changes the idea of cargo transportation and the methods of work of freight forwarders. Now you can not just verbally trust the company but monitor in real-time at what stage is the transportation of your cargo. We want you to be calm and trust us, so we allow you to check our work at every stage of cooperation. There is nothing worse than delayed cargo from the human factor, which is simply excluded from professionals thanks to technology and experience working with the largest clients and the best contractors.

  • Reducing the price of the service due to the volume

It is advantageous for freight forwarders to work with large orders when negotiating with shippers about delivery. Logistics and transport companies often offer pleasant discounts for large loads. They have a significant advantage because they immediately rent large container sites. This means that the price for you will be even lower if you contact through a freight forwarder.

  • Convenient communication and quick problem-solving

Freight forwarders are famous for their ability to communicate, negotiate favorable terms in favor of the client, and quickly solve problems. How do they do it? As we wrote above, thanks to experience, meticulous work, and global connections. The job of these specialists is to be flexible with the client and help him with any questions during cooperation.

Why use a freight forwarder?

There are many advantages of using a freight forwarder. And one of the most important is the absence of headaches due to endless problems, documents, route planning, and communication with contractors. Our freight forwarders are focused on personalized solutions in your favor. 

How to use a freight forwarder? If you are interested in our services, you can contact our consultants. They will tell you about working with us and offer favorable conditions.


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